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Kanban Training

This training introduces participants to the principles of the Kanban method and lets them experience in a playful way how quickly they can unfold their effect. In the process, they start where they are - one of the great advantages of Kanban.

Programme Info

Beginner & Advanced
8 h
Target Group
all those who are interested in agile working according to Kanban
2,400 € (for in-house trainings plus travel expenses)
Number of Participants
up to 10 persons
remote or inhouse
Additional Materials
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Your Trainer
Marian Bosse is a Senior Product Owner and Agile Coach and shares not only his extensive knowledge but also his great passion for agile topics.

Goal of the training

By internalising the core Kanban practices, participants can apply the first steps directly to their own processes.

About this training

Optimise workflows with WIP-Limit: This training proves that the pull principle in processing tasks brings more than the continuous filling of new orders!

Originally developed in the 1970s at Toyota as a method for optimising production processes, the Kanban principle has long since found its way into modern working environments and agile project management. Trainer Marian Bosse is a loyal Kanban fan and is happy to answer even the most critical questions!

This Kanban training interactively teaches the core practices of Kanban. Participants find out why it makes sense to limit tasks to be processed simultaneously, learn to use boards and cards for the transparent and systematic processing of tasks and to continuously improve their workflows. The mindset behind Kanban is also not neglected and is usually discussed and internalised with enthusiasm.

Contents and topics

Among other things, the training clarifies these questions:

  • What is Kanban and what principles does it entail?

  • Why does the introduction of WIP (Work in Progress) limits have an immediate impact on my processes?

  • How can Kanban contribute to value creation and process optimisation?

Tip: We recommend all companies and teams that want to introduce Kanban to be accompanied beyond the training during the introduction and especially during the fine-tuning of their own processes. We are happy to provide experienced coaches for this purpose.

Course structure - What you can expect

In addition to these general suggestions for topics, the following practical training content is based on the individual questions of the participants and how they can apply what they have learned to their own processes.

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2. Adaptation As Needed

We adapt the training to your specific questions.

3. Your Training Begins

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