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Develop better software faster with DevOps

With our DevOps approach, we solve the classic challenges faced by IT teams by optimising, networking and automating development and operational processes.

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Traditional IT organisation has had its day. We rely on DevOps.

Long release cycles, overworked development teams, poor application quality – the DevOps approach solves the classic quality and productivity problems of IT teams.

DevOps is not a tool or a specific methodology, but a holistic approach to the organisation of IT processes.

Our team of change experts and DevOps engineers uses the DevOps approach and a wealth of expertise to introduce agile working methods and integrate intelligent automation so that your developers have the creativity and time to develop real business value.

Our DevOps Services

Whether your organisation is still at the beginning of its digital transformation or you have already made your first DevOps attempts - we support you according to your needs. You set the pace and topics of our partnership. This is where we could start:

DevOps Consulting

Improvement of development (Dev) and operational processes (OPS), promotion of continuous integration and optimisation of collaboration between the teams

CI/CD Implementierung

Implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for seamless software delivery and more efficient development processes


Optimisation of recurring technical tasks, acceleration of software development and ensuring consistent delivery


Comprehensive monitoring and alerting through tracing, logging and metrics for deep insights into system performance, facilitating fault diagnosis and optimising application operation

We customise our services to your needs

Not sure which of our services will best advance your project? No problem, our experts will be happy to advise you! Simply arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.

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Customer Success Managerin

3 Advantages of the DevOps Transformation

You gain flexibility.

Agile development practices such as Kanban or Scrum make it easy for you to react flexibly and quickly to market trends. A culture of continuous improvement and lifelong learning makes your organisation more creative, innovative and resilient.

You increase your speed.

You decentralise responsibilities and work more productively in your teams. You also increase your efficiency through the use of automation and modern tools in your CI/CD pipelines.

You deliver better quality.

Good ideas don't thrive in departmental silos: that's why you are switching to cross-functional teams and making customer feedback an integral part of your processes. This will enable you to develop better solutions for real customer problems in less time.

How does a DevOps implementation work at brainbits?

We support you and your team in a way that suits you. Arrange a non-binding consultation to get to know us. After all, we need to be a good fit not only professionally, but also personally.


Analysis and Conception

In the first phase of our DevOps consulting approach, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure, development and operating processes. We identify technical challenges, evaluate tools and define clear goals for optimisation. Through intensive workshops and technical discussions, we develop customised concepts and architectures to maximise the efficiency and scalability of the existing IT landscape.



In the implementation phase, we implement advanced DevOps practices. This includes the introduction of CI/CD pipelines, the automation of configuration management, the integration of comprehensive monitoring, alerting and logging as well as the implementation of tracing and metrics systems. Our experts will work directly with your teams to ensure that the implementation is seamless and the technologies are optimally aligned.


Coaching and Support

We offer collaborative exchange on the technologies and processes introduced. In addition, we are available as a point of contact to help solve complex technical challenges. Through continuous code reviews, best practice recommendations and in-depth pairing, we foster a robust DevOps culture and support your teams in the continuous development of their skills and technology standards.

Our core DevOps Technologies

Monitoring: Prometheus/Alertmanager · InfluxDB · Grafana Logging: ELK · EFK · Grafana Loki/Promtail · Grafana Tempo CI/CD: Gitlab Pipelines · Github Actions · ArgoCD Automation: Ansible · Terraform Orchestration: Docker · Kubernetes

DevOps: Essential for fast and secure software development

We rely on our DevOps strategy for fast, efficient and low-risk software development. DevOps not only acts as a link between development and operations, but also serves as a driver for agile processes and continuous improvement.

Adaptations and new requirements can be implemented flexibly and seamlessly. In addition, we continuously integrate new findings and developments from the DevOps community.

Leading technology companies rely on DevOps to optimise their development cycles and shorten time-to-market for a reason - but DevOps is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries due to its flexibility.

The role of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

The heart of the DevOps approach is the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. This means that all steps from software development to deployment are optimally coordinated and automated wherever possible. The software is developed in a continuous loop throughout its entire lifecycle. Ideally, CI/CD pipelines therefore also optimise the monitoring, maintenance and support of software once it has been deployed so that the applications provide users with the best user experience at all times and are at the cutting edge of what is technically feasible.

What our clients say

Gemeinsam mit brainbits haben wir die Messlatte für digitale Lösungen und damit für einfache Krankenkassenprozesse für GKV-Versicherte immer weiter angehoben. brainbits überzeugt uns Tag für Tag – durch Zuverlässigkeit, Expertise, Einsatz und Menschlichkeit.

Marion Winkler, Marketingleiterin, BIG direkt gesund

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