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Case Study TECSAFE: Heart of the Manufacturing Process

TECSAFE produces organisation and transport inserts made of foam, for example for the tool industry. Customers plan the inserts themselves with the help of a photorealistic planner made by brainbits.

Foam milling configurator from TECSAFE

Together with TECSAFE, we at brainbits have developed one of the most innovative and renowned B2B online tools for the tool industry: the online foam milling configurator “eForm”. The browser-based editor enables the effective planning and production of individual foam inserts for the organization of hand tools in workshops.

Efficient planning of rigid foam inserts

Back in 2005, brainbits developed the first version of the online foam milling configurator eForm for the Hoffmann Group. Since then, the hard foam insert for organizing and checking the completeness of hand tools in workshops has developed from a niche product to a standard item.

The demands on the planning tool have increased accordingly. eForm 2.0 offers countless new functions and, thanks to the latest browser technologies, very good usability and speed.


In eForm, users have access to thousands of tool contours, which they can arrange on a virtual foam using drag & drop.

Durch die fotorealistische Darstellung erhalten die Anwender:innen bereits vor Bestellung des Schaums einen exakten Eindruck des individuell für sie gefertigten Produkts.

Convenient planning

Thanks to helpful additional functions such as grouping, automatic alignment, even distribution, recessed grip tool, laser marking and constant collision control, even complex foams can be planned quickly and precisely.

A seamless workflow then ensures that the planning data can be processed completely digitally from the editor through quality control to the milling machine. This is the basis for the efficient production of very small quantities.

Project management

eForm is used for the planning of large projects in which many thousands of foams often have to be considered for the installation of many hundreds of drawers.

Project management in eForm is geared towards the management of complex projects. Layouts can be created according to their destination in a freely definable hierarchy, cabinet and drawer templates can be used and layouts can be copied and moved as required.


Tools that are not stored in the catalog can also be taken into account when planning foam inserts. The innovative smartphone scan is available for this purpose.

Users connect their smartphone to the system using a QR code, take a photo of the object and transfer the photo to the server. A few moments later, the automatically recognized contour of the object is ready for planning in the editor.

Excellent solution

With eForm, Hoffmann and TECSAFE offer the top solution for online planning of foam inserts. This has also convinced other manufacturers. In addition to Hoffmann, well-known manufacturers such as CIMCO, Stahlwille and Raaco now also rely on the system. The online foam milling configurator from brainbits and TECSAFE is on the 2015 list of the best in the Industry & Logistics category of the IT Innovation Award. With this award, the Initiative Mittelstand honors companies with innovative IT solutions and high utility value for SMEs.