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Conceptboard: Net and double bottom for clever ideas

Another digital whiteboard for ad-hoc interdisciplinary collaboration? Not just any whiteboard! Conceptboard not only stands out visually from other virtual workspaces, but also meets the highest standards of GDPR and security.

Why Conceptboard?

Location- and time-independent collaboration in hybrid teams, lightweight project management, brainstorming on borderless surfaces, easy drag & drop of files and documents in different formats, meeting or chat function, etc. - such features of virtual whiteboards are ingenious, but by no means unique to Conceptboard. So why should you choose this tool of all things? It's simple!

Our Conceptboard Services

As a product partner, we offer you and your employees:


We analyse your processes, determine your individual needs and provide insight into the tool.

Onboarding & Support

With the needs of your teams in mind, we introduce the tool and provide support.


With a lot of experience, we get your employees up to speed and ensure rapid acceptance.

Conceptboard is right for you if you

  • want or need to meet high data protection and security standards in your company due to special compliance regulations

  • have special data protection requirements for the tools you use due to certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001 or TISAX

  • want to work with a tool that offers full data sovereignty according to EU standards

  • prefer software hosted in Germany with different hosting models

For these reasons, Conceptboard has already become the go-to whiteboard for authorities and public institutions. But the tool is also visibly making a name for itself among DAX companies. More than two million people in 5,500 companies from 100 countries are now using the secure whiteboards - and it is not only in Europe that the strict data protection requirements and ease of use are well received. Conceptboard facilitates collaboration and makes it maximally efficient, whether in real time or as a general starting point for a project lasting several weeks.

What is Conceptboard?

Conceptboard's infinite virtual workspace offers a wide range of collaboration options and thus meets today's demands for efficient collaboration - which can, after all, also be fun!

The interface is intuitively designed. With tools such as hand, arrow, eraser, sketch, marker, shape, text, comments or sticky notes, ideas can be captured, further developed, moved, sorted and clustered. Files in all common formats can be dragged and dropped onto the board. You can either design a board from scratch or use one of the numerous templates and then share it with the people involved via a share link. This makes it possible to realise a wide variety of applications, the most common of which are the following.

What can Conceptboard be used for?

Conceptboard is suitable for, among other things:


When several bright minds meet, the good ideas often just tumble out. How good it is when they don't fizzle out again in the daily workload, but can be recorded quickly, easily and in a variety of ways on a board that is accessible to everyone. The intuitive usability of Conceptboard is fun even for inexperienced users - and no one needs to worry about documentation or protocols: Everything is on the board!


Meetings, presentations or workshops can be prepared professionally and held efficiently with this tool. The visualisation on a concept board makes it easy for the moderator to lead the participants through the content in a lively manner and with a common thread. This can be carefully prepared in advance and then shared with the meeting participants via a share link. Even if the participants are new to the board, they will quickly find their way around and follow your presentation with enthusiasm!

Project management

Conceptboard can also be used for longer-term projects. The visual presentation often speeds up decision-making processes. Tasks can be transparently assigned to specific colleagues - naturally with deadlines. By using the board as a single source of truth, all participants can transparently track the progress of the project at any time. Queries, client concerns, feedback from the team: everything is collected in one place, nothing gets lost anymore!

In a nutshell: What can you do with Conceptboard?

  • work together regardless of time and place

  • import and share files regardless of format

  • comment

  • share boards with colleagues, external staff or clients

  • give professional, interactive presentations

  • moderate meetings, workshops, trainings, etc.

  • manage access and roles

The History of Conceptboard

The first version of Conceptboard's virtual workspaces first saw the light of day in 2010. The tool was founded by Daniel Bohn and Christian Schröder, who came up against the limits of existing digital tools while collaborating on a software project and decided to put their energy into developing an adequate tool from then on. Since 2017, Digital Republic Media Group GmbH has been proportionately on board, and in 2021 the company, which has grown considerably in the meantime, was renamed Conceptboard Cloud Service GmbH.

Would you like to learn more about Conceptboard? Click here to go to the website.

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