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Scrum Training

This intensive Scrum training introduces participants to the basics of the framework and answers open questions. Together with our trainers, they find out whether and how they can use Scrum in their everyday work.

Programme Info

2 x 8 h
Target Group
all those who are interested in working according to Scrum
4,800 € (for in-house training plus travel expenses)
Number of Participants
up to 10 persons
remote or inhouse
Additional Materials
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Your Trainer
Marian Bosse is a Senior Product Owner and Agile Coach and shares not only his extensive knowledge but also his great passion for agile topics.

Goal of the training

Your employees will be able to assess whether a Scrum approach is a sensible method for your goals and will be able to optimally apply the contents they have learned in order to build a successful Scrum team.

About this training

"We do Scrum - but it's not really agile".

We often hear this sentence from our customers. Many companies have already introduced the agile framework, but do not live it because they have only become acquainted with it in part - using Scrum successfully means much more than holding daily, review and retro! Such reductions unfortunately leave the processes rigid and inflexible. It is easy to get the false impression that Scrum "doesn't do anything".

Whether you have already taken your first steps with agility or are starting from scratch, this training offers you a complete overview of the Scrum framework. In an energetic mix of theory, playful exercises and live simulations, participants internalise the added value of Scrum, put the theory directly into practice and experience the elements of the method by trying them out themselves. Critical questions are also very welcome! We look forward to many aha-moments and an exciting exchange.

Contents and topics

Among other things, the training clarifies these questions:

  • What is behind the term "agility" and why is agile working gaining acceptance in many areas?

  • What is Scrum and what are the advantages but also the limitations in everyday work?

  • How can Scrum contribute to value enhancement and process optimisation?

Tip: We recommend all companies and teams that want to introduce Scrum to be accompanied beyond the training during the introduction and especially during the fine-tuning of their own processes. We are happy to provide experienced coaches for this purpose.

Course structure - What you can expect

In addition to these general suggestions for topics, the following practical training content is based on the individual questions of the participants and how they can apply what they have learned to their own processes.

Only 3 steps to your training - your knowledge boost is within reach!

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2. Adaptation As Needed

We adapt the training to your specific questions.

3. Your Training Begins

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Your Contact Person

Anneke Schmeer, Customer Success Managerin

+49 221 9865300


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