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Transformation Support

Resilience, flexibility, and lasting success are the result of actively designed transformation. Let us holistically accompany you with developing and implementing change processes that fit your company’s needs and its people - whether digital, lean or agile!

Holistic guidance rather than guidance monotony.

We don't just offer you anything off the top of our head. We make sure we fully understand your overall situation first.

Our 20+ years of intensive work in the transformation field have led us to understand that change doesn't happen according to patterns. Indeed, change must be considered specifically and comprehensively. The mere introduction of digital tools doesn't improve processes, just like a Scrum team alone doesn't make you agile. Even though we ourselves are fans of agile methods such as Jira, Miro and the like, we know that they are not the best solution for every company – and that is exactly why we are here to help!

Every company has specific resources, strengths, and development potential. That's why our cooperation begins with a precise stocktaking, which forms the basis for our next steps and customised solution.

Our Specialities


Cultivating functioning, happy teams


Establishing and further developing future-proof structures


Implementing viable, sustainable leadership principles


Understanding and successfully integrating agile and lean models

Our Procedure


Mutual understanding is the basis of any successful cooperation.

How do you currently work? How do you want to work? What do you want to change within your company and why? Are your managers and employees ready for it? Is the change in line with your corporate values? Questions like these will arise and be considered at the very beginning of our process.

We also give you answers: What approaches can we cooperate on? What possibilities are available for your company to implement improvements to daily routines? What prerequisites must be created in order to successfully transform your working world according to agile principles? What does that even mean?

By communicating clearly and honestly, we can develop a deep understanding of your transformation process, which will allow us to successfully navigate it.


We make cross-connections.

Between your current state and your vision. Between the current reality and your realistic options for change. Between the stipulated values and the actual real-life values of your company. Between your employees and the upcoming changes. All of these connections are just a few of the many insights we will seek to gain together.

We identify measures that improve your individual working environment and equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to implement change.

By setting up an internal change team, we enable you to drive your transformation from within - with the help of the people who will lead, inspire, and implement everything according to your vision.


Now is the time to act towards your transformation.

Through our careful selection of methods and tools, we have created an environment in which your employees can successfully work in a self-determined manner and within a culture with which they identify.

Now, it's important to get all of your employees on board and to initiate a positive change process through successful change communication and bite-sized knowledge transfer.

In order to do this, management plays an essential role as a pioneer.

Change requires courage and the willingness to accept unfamiliar situations - but don't worry, you're now equipped with the right knowledge and skills to successfully transform! We are happy to be part of it.

Lasting knowledge: Our workshops

Your transformation begins now.

The first step - recognising the need for change - is always the hardest. You've already done that. So, let's get the ball rolling and walk the holistic path of transformation together!

Whether it's tangible topics like the introduction of Jira or Scrum, or the powerful invisible aspects like a mindset or corporate values; we support you in considering all facets for a successful transformation.

We know from experience how important it is to involve every single person affected by the change. The understanding and commitment of all your employees is crucial if you want to succeed in implementing your change. In light of this, we provide everything: we are advisors, personal trainers, method freaks, and walking encyclopaedias - whatever you need us to be! By working closely with you, we develop a tailor-made solution for your company.

In addition to consulting, coaching and mentoring, we offer you numerous Workshop and training opportunities and are at your side not only for specific questions, but to help you with "sensitive" topics such as the communication of the transformation within the company.

What our clients say

brainbits ist für die AGR ein zuverlässiger Partner auf dem Weg zum Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft. Sie unterstützt die AGR dabei, neue Arten der Zusammenarbeit, digitale Workflows und mobiles Arbeiten einzuführen und voran zu treiben und zeigt sich dabei als kompetenter Partner mit engagierten Mitarbeitern und starker Kundenorientierung.

Manfred Kropp

Abteilungsleiter Service & Support, ARG

Our way of working: From hi to high five and beyond.

We do not overburden you with monologues. Instead, we actively involve you in shaping your transformation process because we know that you are the most important player when it comes to the success of the transformation!

We won't lie to you, our workshops and meetings are intensive and sometimes exhausting. That said, we believe in learning by doing and understanding through first-hand experience. We want to empower our clients to find their own solutions.

We want to work closely with you, accompany you and gradually make ourselves superfluous. It's a beautiful moment for us when you tell us that you no longer need us for the time being - although we are always happy to be at your side as a sparring partner.

Imagine this moment: Your vision leads the way, your employees live and love your values, and your success speaks for itself. In addition, you are equipped with all the tools and methods to optimally support your business processes.

Our goal is achieved when you consider the transformation to be successful. That's what drives us. Together, we improve your working world!

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Siham Eiermann, Head of Sales

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Let's make a change!
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